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The Littlest Angel Choir

The Littlest Angel Choir

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A Christmas Musical For Very Young Voices

Christmas Day is almost here, and with eveyone preparing for the big Christmas Pageant, the littlest voices in the congregation are feeling a bit left out. They aren't quite sure where they are supposed to fit in!

But when the music director gets stuck at the airport, the sets and costumes don't show up, and the pastor comes down with laryngitis, it's up to the congregation's youngest members to figure out a way to save the day.

Watch as The Littlest Angel Choir learns that Christmas is about one thing and one thing only, and delivers the message of Jesus Christ's birth in the most humble and innocent of ways.

Though the program is brief (approximately 15 minutes), the heart-felt message will last a lifetime.

Sing With Us The Christmas Story

Sing With Us The Christmas Story

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A Program For Voices Young and Older

The concept is simple: Take eight of the most beloved Christmas carols, and arrange them in simple vocal arrangements, the way you expect them to be (with optional second parts).

Now, create a narrative based on the scriptural telling of the Christmas story, broken into segments that set up the songs. For background, add richly orchestrated recordings performed by top professionals.

As a final joyous option, we have made these arrangements all appropriate for audience sing-along, with intros that naturally lead them into the song without rehearsal.

Create an inspiring performance that your singers and audience will remember with joy. (total performance time ca. 25-30 minutes)

Choral Octavos

Sing For Joy!

Sing For Joy!

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This song was designed to be a huge Christmas piece, yet without specific reference to Christmas. A regal horn section invites your attention with heralding trumpets and a full complement of brass, winds, strings, and percussion that keeps up the enthusiasm throughout. There are three vocal parts (parts 2 and 3 are optional) with part 3 written in the bass clef for your lower, changing, or changed voices.



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There's a real thrill when singing this great work from Handel's Messiah with a full orchestra - the power, the glory. It will send chills up your spine. With a new setting of this classic especially developed for young choirs, it is in a lower key and is arranged for two treble voices. It runs about four minutes, with the optional prologue. The recording features a full orchestra and there are also special rehearsal tracks to help each part learn the music.

Song Collection

Rhythm Sticks & Bucket Bands For The Holidays

Rhythm Sticks & Bucket Bands For The Holidays

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A Striking Collection for Young Players

Rhythm sticks provide a great way for young students to have an active performance experience and learn to read rhythms. With the advent of "bucket bands," the experience has become even more fun!

This creative new collection brings you six new seasonal arrangements that can be performed with just the tracks and rhythm sticks, or by a young bucket band, or by combining the two. By purchasing this collection, you get parts for each group, as well as teaching suggestions, and more.

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