Angels We Have Heard

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Angels We Have Heard


  1. Angels We Have Heard On High
  2. Scene One
  3. Nothing Ever Happens In Bethlehem
  4. Scene Two
  5. The Lord Is A Shepherd
  6. Scene Three
  7. All The Way To Bethlehem
  8. Scene Four
  9. Unto You
  10. Scene Five
  11. From Glory To Glory
  12. Scene Six
  13. Angels We Have Heard On High with Joy To The World!


  • Halo: diva - rhinestones, tiara for a crown
  • Holly: holly leaf on her robe
  • Sam: angel in charge, explains things - respected - he can wear a tie and maybe a suit jacket
  • Skyler: tie-dye robe (peace symbol) peace on earth
  • Slim: cowboy - hats and boots
  • Stars: six kids in star outfits on two platforms on each side of the stage

**Production, Costume, and Staging Suggestions are NOT included.**

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