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File Link: Classroom Favorites Sampler N - Complete Download

This download includes MP3s of all tracks from our Favorites Sampler N, along with a printable track list. Featured are extended excerpts of some of Plank Road Publishing's most popular music. (File size: 34MB.)

Includes: Classroom Favorites Sampler N Track List, Thankful For The U.S.A., Everyday Heroes, Santa Claus Is On His Way, The Lights Of Freedom, George Washington, The Water Is Wide, O Come All Ye Faithful, Blitzen's Boogie, The Friendly Beasts, We Wish You A Swingin' Holiday!, The Angels Sang, Christmas At Our School, The Right Thing To Do, A Reason For The Season, A New Day, The Further Adventures Of Three Blind Mice, Those Who Served, The Pasta Song, Words Of Wisdom, Traditions, We're Gonna Be All Right, An Upstanding Citizen, O Canada!, Champions, The Tree Toad, Talk Like A Pirate Day, The Future Begins With Us.

Instructions: To download this file, follow these instructions:

  1. Simply click on the link above to start the download.
  2. The file is a compressed (zipped) file: You will need to expand the file before you will be able to use it.

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