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File Link: Classroom Favorites Sampler E - Complete Download

This download includes MP3s of all tracks from our Favorites Sampler E, along with a printable track list. Featured are extended excerpts of some of Plank Road Publishing's most popular music. (File size: 48MB.)

Includes: Classroom Favorites Sampler E Track List, The Elves' Impersonator, This Old Gingerbread House, Seasons Change, Penny Whistle, The Ants Go Marching, They're Just Bugs!, Light The Candles All Around The World, Dance With Your Hands, Green And White, A Perfect Winter Day, Auld Lang Syne, Arm In Arm, Recorder Menagerie, The Adventures Of BAG Rogers In The 35th Century, A World Of Music, Dancin' On The Rooftop, It's Science!, Identity, The Comet, I Have A Dream, We Share The Rainbow, Look To The Future, An Old Irish Blessing, Shout!, Yankee Doodle Santa, Christmas Day, Merry Christmas Time.

Instructions: To download this file, follow these instructions:

  1. Simply click on the link above to start the download.
  2. The file is a compressed (zipped) file: You will need to expand the file before you will be able to use it.

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