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How It Works

You purchase a downloadable product as you would any other product: Click to add it to your cart, then go through the normal checkout procedure. When you've checked out, you'll find a link to your personal downloads page, where - for a limited time - you can access the files you purchased. They will remain available for a week. As a backup, you'll also receive an e-mail with a link to that same personal downloads page.

Combining Downloadable Products With Other Products

There is no need to buy downloadable products separately: You may purchase downloadable products and physical products in any combination in the same order.

How To Download And Extract Your Files

Simply click the link on your personal downloads page to download your file. A link to your personal download page will be sent to you by e-mail. Your personal download page will remain on our server for one week. If you have trouble downloading at first, you can try again later.

To use the files, you'll need software to expand or unzip the compressed files. The file may expand automatically. If not, double-click the file to unzip it. If that doesn't work, open your program of choice first, select expand, and then navigate to the file you downloaded.

Windows XP and later users have built-in software: Simply double-click the zipped file, then choose the Extract All Files option under Folder tasks on the left-hand side of the window. An Extraction Wizard may open to lead you through the process.

Mac OSX users also have built-in software: Simply double-click the zipped file to unzip it.

You can also download extraction software, if you prefer. Simply search for "zip extractor" in your favorite search engine, and you'll find several free options.

Connection Times Out/Downloaded File Is Incomplete

These files are very large; your download may have been interrupted. We do not recommend downloading these files using a dial-up modem (though it is possible). Consider using a school computer with a high-speed connection, or ask a friend to let you use his/her computer to download the file. If you have the link to your download page, you can connect from any computer. Remember that your download page is deleted after one week.

Didn't Get An E-mail?

Spam-blocking software will sometimes misinterpret order confirmations and other e-mails as Spam. In your e-mail software application, specify that e-mails sent from are not Spam.

Can't Find Your File?

If you can't find the file you just downloaded, you can search for it. The name of the file is the SKU or product number + .zip. The SKU is listed on your confirmation e-mail. If, for example, you ordered SBF-117, then the file will be called Larger products may be comprised of multiple compressed files, in which case the second part would be called, the third, etc.

Still Can't Download Your File? Contact Us.

If you are unable to download your files, contact us (select Web Department). Remember that you must download the files within seven days of your purchase or they will no longer be available.

Need Music Player/Burning Software?

When you purchase a downloadable product, you have the right to burn the files to CD. If you want the MP3s to play on a CD player, be sure to burn them to a CD as audio files (not data): Almost all CD burning software will give you the option. PDFs cannot be burned as audio files. We suggest using iTunes, which is a good, free program for both the Mac and PC.

Make A Backup

We strongly suggest you make a backup of your files for safe-keeping and keep them in a different location than the originals. You may want to burn a copy to a CD or keep them on an external disk or drive or portable device. There is a replacement fee equal to 50% of the original price for each downloadable product if you need a new copy after your personal downloads page has expired.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Rights to use downloadable materials belong to the purchaser only. All Plank Road Publishing materials are covered by our copyright policy. It is expressly forbidden to post these files on web sites or share them electronically.

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