Little Donkey's Easter Journey, The

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Little Donkey's Easter Journey, The

TABLE OF CONTENTS & SONGLIST (accompaniment & split-track accompaniment):

  • Production Suggestions (not on CD)
  • Overture
  • The Chosen One
  • Hosanna We Sing!
  • Remember Me
  • Crucify Him! Crucify Him!
  • Were You There? (Underscore)
  • Alleluia! Christ The Lord Is Risen!
  • Staging and Movement Suggestions (not on CD)
  • Director's Notes (not on CD)
  • Bulletin Cover (not on CD)
  • Poster (not on CD)

Production Suggestions

Cast: Boys or girls may portray all of the characters listed below. Consider expanding the narrator roles to many children. For smaller choirs, adults may read the narration.

  • Little Donkey
  • Mother Donkey
  • Lamb 1, 2
  • Dove 1, 2
  • Angel
  • Narrators

Set: The Little Donkey's Easter Journey may be presented as elaborately or simply as your situation allows. No formal set is required. Consider any of the following suggestions:

  1. Place your children on different elevation levels using platforms or risers placed at various angles. These could be covered with craft paper or colored sheets.
  2. Add artificial or live shrubbery, trees, and flowers to enhance scenery. Palm trees would be very effective. These can be made by placing a broom pole in a pot of dirt, wrapping the pole with crinkled brown craft paper, and adding leaves made from green paper.
  3. Use a cutout or painted flat that displays the wooden cross.
  4. Another backdrop idea would be to create a silhouette of Jerusalem (gates, rooftops, temples, etc.)
  5. Place biblical artifacts around the stage, such as clay pots and wicker baskets.


  • Donkeys: Grey sweat top and pants with added tail and ears.
  • Lambs: White sweat top and pants turned inside out with added tail and ears.
  • Dove: White sweat top and pants with added felt wings and hoods. Add a yellow beak.
  • Angel: White robe or sheet with added wings and halo.
  • Narrators and Cast: Dress as citizens of Jerusalem, i.e., bathrobes, sheets, waist sashes, turbans, head scarves, etc.

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