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Move And Play With Boomwhackers®

From Rhythm Band Instruments

by Petra Hügel

The Move And Play Boomwhacker® Kit is ideal for music classes, physical education, and dance classes. With a basic collection of 25 Boomwhackers®, a group of 12 or more can perform all the songs. Add more Boomwhackers® or other percussion, and even more can participate! All of the elements introduced in Move And Play can be performed without extensive knowledge of music or dance. The kit includes:

  • a durable carrying bag
  • 25 Boomwhackers®
  • four Octavator™ Tube Caps
  • and the Move And Play activity book and CD/ROM
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Product Description
Move And Play With Boomwhackers® - Activity Kit
Move And Play With Boomwhackers® - Book & CD/ROM Only

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