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Exploring Handbells

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Techniques And Repertoire For Handbells And Handchimes

Exploring Handbells will give directors and ringers an opportunity to experience several techniques for handbells and handchimes. Original compositions in this book were written specifically as a way to practice and explore each technique before combining them with other handbell techniques. Each piece is playable on handbells and handchimes, although some techniques do not apply to handchimes.

The music in this collection is written for two and three octave ringing ensembles as this is where most ringers begin. The music ranges from level 1 - 2. Two and three octaves are most frequently found in schools and some community and church groups. Four and five octave ensembles are often used in intermediate to more advanced ensembles such as high schools, universities, and community and faith-based groups, while six and seven octave ensembles are used by advanced groups.

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Exploring Handbells - Book

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