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Joia Tubes®

From Joia Tubes

(pronounced JOY-ah)

Welcome to the future of percussion! Make music in a fun, new way with Joia Tubes®, a pitched percussion instrument played with flat foam-covered mallets. This percussion innovation is really amazing! "JTubes" come in pentatonic, diatonic, or chromatic one- and two-octave families. There is even an Orff model which is pitched for integration with your Orff instrumentation (C-C with F#, Bb, and D). The frames tilt to accommodate standing or sitting positions.

More players than instruments? You can remove the individual tubes (except basses) for a hand-held, multi-player experience. Extra paddles are available. Kids love the cool sounds they make, the ability to create music with little or no musical instruction, and the bright colors (which match Boomwhackers®). And JTubes will work perfectly for all of your Orff and Boomwhacker® resources!

Each set of Joia Tubes® comes with a pair of paddles and a set of red caps. The caps can be used to cover unused notes while playing, or to cover the entire set for storage.

Plus, click here to see video samples of Joia Tubes® and for a FREE book and CD download!

Prod. #
Product Description
Joia Tubes® - Orff Diatonic Octave Plus Three (C-C, F#, Bb)
Joia Tubes® - Orff Bass Diatonic Tubes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, F#, Bb, C)
Joia Tubes® - Nine Note Pentatonic (G, A, C, D, E, G, A, C, D)
Joia Tubes® - Five Note Pentatonic Bass (G, A, C, D, E)
Joia Tubes® - Orff Two Octave (C-C plus F#s & Bbs)
Joia Tubes® - Two Octave Diatonic Tubes (G-G)
Joia Tubes® - One Octave Diatonic Bass Tubes (G-G)
Joia Tubes® - One Octave Chromatic Tubes (G-G)
Joia Tubes® - One Octave Chromatic Bass Tubes (G-G)
Joia Tubes® - Two Extra Mallets
Joia Tubes® - Six Extra Mallets

Sound clips:

Song Title
Joia Tubes®: An Introduction
Joia Tubes® - Nine Note Pentatonic (G, A, C, D, E, G, A, C, D)
Joia Tubes® - One Octave Chromatic Tubes (G-G)
Joia Tubes® - One Octave Chromatic Bass Tubes (G-G)

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