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Hohner Wooden Two-Piece Soprano Recorder

From Hohner

Step up to the superior quality and tone of a wood recorder with the Hohner maple and pearwood soprano recorders. These Hohner soprano recorders use the Baroque/English fingering system and are finely crafted to provide the rich mellow sound only top quality hardwoods can produce. Each model has a two-piece design with a cork-wrapped tenon, double-bored holes for C# and D#, and come with a fingering chart and a cleaning rod. The Hohner wooden soprano recorders have a beautifully controlled intonation, precision response, and outstanding tone. If you prefer the tone of wood over plastic, then the Hohner is an affordable way to cross into the world of tonal hardwoods.

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Hohner Maple Two-Piece Soprano Recorder
Hohner Pearwood Two-Piece Soprano Recorder

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