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Complete Recorder Resource Kit, The, Vol. 2

From Themes & Variations

by Denise Gagne

The second-year kit contains 24 two-part arrangements for soprano (or soprano and alto) recorders, with a review of the notes for those who don't have recorder experience. There are 75 pages which can be photocopied and used in their entirety or selectively as a curriculum supplement. Both alto and transposed alto parts are provided, along with composer biographies, listening themes, music theory pages, practice bugs, composition activities, and CD.

Now available: The Complete Recorder Resource Kit 2 PowerPoint Edition. This edition, available in downloadable format, includes PDFs and PowerPoints, some with embedded sound. Included are:

  • Recorder Kit 2 - 2 Part Soprano PowerPoint
  • Recorder Kit 2 - 2 Part Soprano KIDNOTES PowerPoint
  • Recorder Kit 2 Theory PowerPoint
  • Recorder Kit 2 Full Score

Click the "Contents" link to see a full listing. Please note that the legal right to reproduce any PowerPoint slides only comes with the purchase of the corresponding kit.

Prod. #
Product Description
The Complete Recorder Resource Kit w/CD and PowerPoint CD-ROM, Vol. 2
The Complete Recorder Resource Kit, Vol. 2 - Student Book/CD

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