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P.D.Q. Bach In Houston: We Have A Problem!

From Acorn Media

by P.D.Q. Bach

Three... two... one... Laugh-off! Musical mayhem blasts into orbit as Professor Peter Schickele and OrchestraX celebrate the music of composer P.D.Q. Bach, whose oeuvre Schickele "discovered" and unleashed on the world 40 years ago.

Long neglected by music scholars (and deservedly so), the "oddest" of Johann Sebastian Bach's 20-odd children composed the most hilarious music of all time. This performance showcases P.D.Q. at the nadir of his creative power, including:

  • Schleptet In Eb major
  • Iphigenia In Brooklyn
  • "Unbegun" Symphony
  • Fuga Meshuga
  • The Seasonings

And did we mention sportscaster Schickele's play-by-play analysis of Beethoven's Fifth, complete with cheerleaders and pom-poms? (90 minutes)

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P.D.Q. Bach In Houston: We Have A Problem! - DVD

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