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Marsalis On Music

With an unrivaled freshness, charm, and sense of fun, Wynton Marsalis steps forward not only as a world-renowned jazz and classical performer, but as a great teacher in the tradition of Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts. Using wonderfully appealing examples and analogies - likening the rhythmic structures of music to playing basketball or football, teaching sonata form through a story about chasing a pet hamster through a shopping mall, drawing unprecedented and revealing connections between classical music and jazz - Wynton Marsalis makes so-called "difficult" music vivid, immediately graspable, and most of all, fun.

The programs are filled with wit and excitement and feature music performed by the Wynton Marsalis Jazz Orchestra and the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra.

This fabulous set contains four DVDs:

  • Why Toes Tap covers rhythm
  • Listening For Clues talks about musical form
  • Sousa To Satchmo goes into the world of Jazz
  • Tackling The Monster discusses practicing

(All ages, 216 minutes)

Also available separately is the companion book/CD.

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Marsalis On Music - Four DVD Set & Companion Book/CD
Marsalis On Music - Four DVD Set
Marsalis On Music - Book/CD

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