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The RingLeader® - Featuring DVDots®

From RingLeader

The RingLeader® DVD series features DVDots®, the worlds quickest and easiest performance tool for handbell ringers. DVDots® is a patent pending system consisting of musical accompaniment and automatic color coded cues all conveniently recorded on DVD for 8 Note Handbell sets.

The melody is performed by a solo instrument in the fully orchestrated accompaniment while DVDots® provide bell chords to complete the performance.

Instant success makes bells fun from the very first ring. The RingLeader® DVD series can be played on most standard DVD players. Simply press play, sit back and enjoy a perfect performance every time!

The dots and music are permanently in sync. DVDots® are preprogrammed with the perfect amount of delay (accurate to 1/30th of a second) allowing ringers time to react after seeing their color.

  • The RingLeader® DVD 7 includes: Star Spangled Banner, 3 Blind Mice, and On Top Of Old Smokey.
  • The RingLeader® DVD 8 includes: Sing, Family Hug, and She'll Be Comin' Around The Mountain.
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The RingLeader® - Featuring DVDots® - DVD 7 - Star Spangled
The RingLeader® - Featuring DVDots® - DVD 8 - McGrath

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