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Sing After Me

From Jazz Path Publishing

by Brian Kane

Echo Songs And Warm-Ups For Young Voices

What do you get when you combine innovative teaching techniques from the author of Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z with orchestrations from Emmy® Award winning composer Brad Hatfield? A book teachers and students will really enjoy! Whether you're singing in a classroom, on a stage, or just getting the children warmed-up, echo songs are always fun. The zany songs in Sing After Me were created to help young singers practice diction, pitch, phonetic awareness, and vocal independence. Young singers can echo the leader provided on the CD or sing the melodies using the accompaniment tracks. The songs and activities provided are adaptable for ages 6-12. The book includes piano accompaniment, reproducible student worksheets, language, art, and movement activities for teachers to use with each song, and a CD with both demonstration and sing-a-long tracks.

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Sing After Me - Book/CD

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Song Title
Can You Hear Me?
Ghost Of Halloween
Letter Olympics
Slithering Sam

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