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Music K-8 magazine Subscription

From Plank Road Publishing

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Music K-8 magazine, the resource magazine for elementary and middle school music teachers, is published bi-monthly, five times during the school year. Volume 25 begins with the September/October 2014 issue and ends with the May/June 2015 issue.

Music K-8 is an incredible value! No teacher should be without it.

Regular magazine features:

  • An entire musical revue within the first three issues of every volume
  • Ten or more original songs per issue in various styles, including Latin, rock, country, jazz, rap, ballad, hip-hop, and more
  • Full rights for you to photocopy the songs for use with your students
  • Full performance and accompaniment only recordings - using real, professional musicians - for each song (Click or scroll down to listen to a sampling from recent issues.)
  • A recorder feature
  • A Boomwhacker┬« feature
  • Suggestions for using the music with your students
  • Network, a forum for teachers to exchange tips and ideas
  • Photo Journal, idea-filled color photographs

Online bonuses for ALL subscribers:

  • FREE Projectable Lyric Pages in PowerPoint format, for use with interactive whiteboards or projectors
  • Choreography Videos - a well-designed movement suggestion video for at least one song per issue
  • Web extras, which can include piano/recorder scores, rehearsal tracks, illustrated lyrics in PDF format, craft projects, and more


  • Music K-8 is now also available in downloadable editions. Downloadable subscriptions include all the tracks that are on the CD, but in MP3 format, plus the printable PDF of the magazine.
  • The combo option gives you the best of both worlds: a physical and downloadable copy of the magazine components.
  • If you opt for a subscription with Student Reproducible Parts, you receive handy singers' parts extracted from all songs on the recording. Available in print and downloadable formats

Points to remember:

  • You never miss an issue. If you subscribe later in the year, you receive any back issues all at once.
  • No shipping charges: subscription prices include all shipping & handling.
  • You will access your downloadable Music K-8 components from your online account, so please log in before checkout. An account will be created for you automatically, if you do not have one.
  • Canadian prices vary.

Sound clips:

Song Title
Let's Make It Shine! - (25/2)
The Star-Spangled Banner "200th Anniversary Edition" - (25/1)
Here Comes The Snow - (25/2)
Just For Fun - (25/1)
Gotta BAG These Leaves - (25/1)
Oh, How I Love The Opera - (25/1)
On Veterans Day - (25/2)
We Love Our Grandparents - (25/1)
Saga Of The Three Ships - (25/2)
Positive (22/1)
Start Your Day With A Song (22/4)
We Sing Gloria! (24/2)
Give It A Rest (23/1)
I Bought Me A Cat (23/1)
I Bought Me A Bat (23/1)
B A Galactic Explorer (23/1)
Welcome In The Autumn (24/1)
Oh, I Love America (19/1)
Goober Peas (21/1)
Constitution Day (24/1)

Listen To Sound Clips While You Browse

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