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Move It! 2

From Gia Publications

by Peggy Lyman and John Feierabend

This vibrant and innovative DVD, CD, and guidebook set contains everything you need to inspire students of any age to move to great classical music.

This long-awaited follow-up to the first volume of Move It! contains 18 works in a wide variety of styles and is certain to appeal to early childhood specialists, elementary music teachers, and dance educators. Every movement is demonstrated on the DVD, recorded on the CD for use in class, and clearly and simply detailed in the illustrated guidebook.

The expressive movements reflect both the form and the expressive quality of the music, embodying John. M. Feierabend's theories of music and movement development and Peggy Lyman's belief in the emotional power of gesture.

Understanding the organizations of movement sequences, exploring personal and general space relating to others, and discovering inner feelings connected to beautifully expressive musical selections and movements - all of this can be achieved with Move It! 2. It's an approach that's as fun and expressive as it is educational.

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Move It! 2 - DVD, Guidebook, & CD

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