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Music Playing Cards

From Kjos Music Company

Beat This/Crazy Eighths - A spellbinding way to experience rhythm with a special emphasis on subdividing. Students will take notice when they discover the power of the Rhythm Wizard in this card game. When he casts his spell, players will find themselves clapping or counting rhythms in the most unusual ways ever imagined. Get ready for lots of laughs! For 2-8 players of all ages.

Note Nabber - Students learn to identify notes more quickly as they navigate their way through amusing wild cards in this lively game. Baroque cards "break" up another person's hand. Liszt cards require players to "list" the cards in their hands. Haydn card allow players to "hide" from the adverse affects of other wild cards. Note Nabber cards allow players to "nab" a card from another player. For 2-8 players of all ages.

Scale Scramble - This sure winner can be played "Go Fish" style, or as a frantically fast-paced card game. Students first compile a deck with as many scales or five-finger patterns as there are players. After the deck is shuffled, students trade cards with each other to complete their major scale or five-finger pattern. This single game works for five-finger patterns, major scales, or any of the three forms of minor scales. For 3-10 players of all ages.

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Scale Scramble - Card Game - Kjos Playing Cards
Beat This/Crazy Eighths - Card Game - Kjos Playing Cards
Note Nabber - Card Game - Kjos Playing Cards

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