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Angels We Have Heard

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Angels We Have Heard

From Brentwood-Benson

by Dave Clark and Jayme Thompson

The Simple Plus Series presents this 30-minute Christmas musical with fun new music, traditional carols, and easy-to-perform drama. Join Sam, Halo, Slim, Skyler and Holly as they get ready with the angelic choir to announce the miraculous birth of Jesus.

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Product Description
Angels We Have Heard - Songbook
Angels We Have Heard - Split-Track Accompaniment CD
(Instruments on the left channel and voices on the right channel. You may adjust the balance according to your needs.)

Sound clips:

Song Title
Angels We Have Heard On High
Nothing Ever Happens In Bethlehem
The Lord Is A Shepherd
All The Way To Bethlehem
Unto You
From Glory To Glory

Listen To Sound Clips While You Browse

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