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Music FUNdamentals - Reproducible Book

From Lorenz

by D. Brian Weese

Music FUNdamentals

44 Games That Teach Melodic And Rhythmic Concepts

You and your students will enjoy working your way through these 44 fabulous, fundamentally sound, leveled, reproducible worksheets that reinforce melodic and rhythmic concepts. This jam-packed resource includes at least three levels of every game, making it the perfect choice for the music teacher or music substitute. Games include:

  • Note Name Words
  • Note Name Phrases
  • Reading Solfege
  • Melodic Direction
  • Going Up! Going Down!
  • Melody Fragments
  • Picture Rhythms
  • Rhythm Math
  • Case Of The Missing Notes
  • Rhythm Logic
  • Mystery Rhythms
  • Transforming Rhythms
  • Meter Matching
  • Rhythigram

(Grades 2-6)

MORE Music FUNdamentals

21 Games That Reinforce Music Concepts

This collection of reproducible worksheets will challenge your students while providing you with valuable assessment pieces.

Music concepts include:

  • writing rhythms based on syllables
  • matching melodic contours
  • identifying basic rhythmic notation, pitch notation, and music symbols
  • working with repeat signs, first and second endings, and da capo and dal segno symbols
  • identifying time signatures

(Grades 2-6)

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Both Music FUNdamentals - Reproducible Books
Music FUNdamentals - Reproducible Book
MORE Music FUNdamentals - Reproducible Book

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