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Frog Guiros/Tone Blocks

Your students will get a kick out of these fun guiro/tone blocks! This musical work of art is both a crowd pleaser and a useful instrument in the classroom. Children can use the the mallet to "scratch" the back of the frog to make a "ribbit" sound, or strike the resonating body to use it as a tone block. All the frogs are handmade and each conveniently stores the mallet in the mouth of the frog. (Wood color and grain may vary.) The frogs come in 3", 4", and 5" for a variety of tones.

Prod. #
Product Description
All Three Sizes - Frog Guiro / Tone Block (one of each)
3" Frog Guiro / Tone Block
4" Frog Guiro / Tone Block
5" Frog Guiro / Tone Block

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