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Vellum Metallic Reward Belts

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Vellum Metallic Reward Belts

From Plank Road Publishing

For basic Recorder Karate colors, use the Essential 9 series instead. See the link at the bottom of this page.

The thousands of schools who use Recorder Karate (and even quite a few who don't) love our cool and colorful reward belts. Each belt is 4 inches long and features a soft feel and vibrant color. The dyes used to make them are safe and the colors don't run. Photographs really don't do them justice!

Nothing says, "You've really accomplished something special!" like the look of a precious metal. And these unique belts do so with style. While they are soft to the touch and have the same weight and size as our regular belts, they look like they are made of burnished silver and gold.

(Please note: Due to differences in monitors, the colors on your screen may vary from the color of the actual product.)

Prod. #
Product Description
Champion's Gold Pack - Package of 10 Champion's Gold Belts
Champion's Gold Pack - Package of 25 Champion's Gold Belts
Champion's Gold Pack - Package of 50 Champion's Gold Belts
Sovereign Silver Pack - Package of 10 Sovereign Silver Belts
Sovereign Silver Pack - Package of 25 Sovereign Silver Belts
Sovereign Silver Pack - Package of 50 Sovereign Silver Belts

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