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Inside The Elementary School Chorus

From Lorenz

by Patricia Bourne

Designed specifically for the music educator working with non-auditioned children's choruses, Patricia Bourne's Inside The Elementary School Chorus addresses everything from recruiting to getting kids excited about singing, from warm-ups to programming, and from working with parents to budgets. In addition to helpful how-tos, this outstanding resource illustrates how children's choirs can become environments where participants learn a strong sense of community alongside high levels of musicianship.

As an added feature, the book includes a DVD that provides sight and sound to the strategies shared in narrative. Organized to follow the book, its sections include: The general music classroom as a venue for vocal instruction; rehearsal strategies for the public school elementary chorus; and performances - before, during, and after. Don't miss this resource filled with down-to-earth approaches and inspiring ideas.

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Inside The Elementary School Chorus - Book/DVD

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