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Kandle Lights™ - Battery Operated Candles

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Kandle Lights™ - Battery Operated Candles

From Notoco

Kandle Lights™ produce an amazingly natural warm, candle-like glow without the smoke, wax or fire hazard of traditional candles. They are lightweight, water-resistant, and produced by a company that makes medical devices, so they are ideal for young folks. These lights are perfect for processions and other candle ceremonies or productions with candle-themed songs. They come with two new alkaline AAA batteries already installed, and they are carefully designed with a tough space-age shell and a bulb cover that makes the light look like it comes from a real candle. Simply twist the candles to turn them on. They are sturdy, so they can be used with movement, and if they are used only intermittently, these batteries can be used for 3 or 4 years. We even offer replacement bulbs and replacement "flames" (plastic bulb covers). No matter how hard you use them, though, they are wonderful electric candles that will enhance your performances. For long-term storage of your Kandle Lights, it is recommended that the batteries be removed.

Prod. #
Product Description
Kandle Lights™ - each (less than 10) - Battery Operated Candles
Kandle Lights™ - each (10 or more) - Battery Operated Candles
Kandle Lights™ - Replacement Bulbs - 5 pack - For Battery Operated Candles
Kandle Lights™ - Replacement Flames - 5 pack - For Battery Operated Candles

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