It's Christmas Everywhere!

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It's Christmas Everywhere!


  • It's Christmas Everywhere! (Opening Theme)
  • Narration 1
  • Kling, Gl√∂ckchen, Kling
  • Narration 2
  • Kiyoshi Kono Yoru (Silent Night)
  • Narration 3
  • Aussie Jingle Bells
  • Narration 4
  • Sing We All Noel (African Noel and Siyahamba)
  • Percussion part suggestions
  • Narration 5
  • A La Nanita Nana
  • Narration 6
  • D'ou Viens-tu?
  • Narration 7
  • Carol Of The Birds
  • Narration 8
  • It's Christmas Everywhere! (Closing Theme)

Performance and Accompaniment for each song is included on the mixed-media CD/CD-ROM.

Narrations may be done by one person throughout, one person per country, or one person per paragraph within each section. The narration occurs as an introduction to the language and culture for each song. Narration varies between approximately 1-4 paragraphs (3-6 sentences per paragraph).

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