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It's Christmas Everywhere!

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It's Christmas Everywhere!

From Lorenz

by Ruth Elaine Schram

A Musical Exploring Carols And Holiday Traditions Around The World

This multicultural delight is an around-the-world celebration of Christmas. Both familiar and lesser-known carols are included, framed by an up-beat theme song which is reprised at the end, incorporating holiday greetings in six languages.

Narrations are provided to introduce each country and its associated carol, explaining the traditions and providing some background information on the region.

Discover the origin of the Advent calendar, the "Cavalcade of Kings" and other interesting Christmas traditions, and learn how different cultures and countries celebrate the holiday.

Handbook will contain the online access code to download audio and student parts.

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It's Christmas Everywhere! - Book/Digital Access

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From It's Christmas Everywhere!

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