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Super Songs & Sing-Alongs - U.S. Presidents

From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson

New Lyrics To Old Favorites

Name the U.S. presidents in order and learn some interesting fun facts! Did you know the father of our country wore wooden teeth? Which president helped write the Declaration of Independence and played the cello? What president was known for his fireside chats with the American people? Who was a movie star before becoming president? Sing across the curriculum with familiar melodies set to new presidential lyrics. Perform songs live with piano accompaniments in the Teacher's Edition or use the professionally-produced recordings available separately on the Performance/Accompaniment CD. Choreography and reproducible lyric sheets are also included.

Songs include:

  • The Presidents
  • Oh, Where Have You Been, Washington?
  • Adams Adams
  • Hail, Thomas Jefferson
  • Für Lincoln
  • Celebrate FDR
  • Hip Hooray For JFK
  • Look Ronald Reagan
  • Obama
  • Party With The Presidents

(Grades 3-6)

Prod. #
Product Description
Super Songs & Sing-Alongs - U.S. Presidents - Teacher's Edition
(with reproducible pages)
Super Songs & Sing-Alongs - U.S. Presidents - Performance/Accompaniment CD
Super Songs & Sing-Alongs - U.S. Presidents - Classroom Kit
(Teacher's Edition & Performance/Accompaniment CD)

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From Super Songs & Sing-Alongs - U.S. Presidents

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