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4/4 Meter

From Plank Road Publishing

by Teresa Jennings

How many beats are there in a 4/4 bar? What type of note gets the beat? How does the time signature help us know this? These simple questions are answered in the lovely and lilting three-part partner song, "4/4 Meter." The song breaks the concept into little pieces and puts them together in such a way that your students will remember how it all works.

The first part is sung independently the first time through. Then the second part sings the second time through, and the third part sings the third time through. The fourth time, all three parts join together in what turns out to be pretty neat harmony! They go on to do it again for a fifth time through, just for the fun and reinforcement of it all. None of the melodies are difficult, nor are they long. (from Music K-8, Vol. 15, No. 1)

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4/4 Meter - Downloadable Kit
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4/4 Meter

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