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Do It! - Play Recorder

From Gia Publications

by James O. Froseth

Do It! Play Recorder uses an individualized format that allows students to progress at their own pace. It includes a music dictionary of signs, symbols, musical terms, fingerings, and rhythm patterns. Detailed photographs provide excellent models of techniques such as embouchure, hand and instrument position, and breathing and breath control. The songs even include lyrics that provide information about phrasing, rhythm, style, history, and culture.

Creative musicianship opportunities abound through call and response (literal and improvised) and rhythmic, pentatonic, blues, and model improvisation. The songs provide examples of many musical styles of the world today, as well as music of earlier times. Professional musicians provide authentic accompaniments on classic and contemporary instruments on the available CD.

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Do It! - Play Recorder - Student Book 1
Do It! - Play Recorder - Student Book 1 with CD

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